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McCarthy Call-a-Car

These days buying a car is a lot easier than it used to be before the internet. With services such as McCarthy Call a Car you can now find a new or used car online. You can compare prices, models and easily find a car dealer near you.

When you send a request for more information, a consultant will contact you and arrange for a test drive or whatever you require. If they do not have the car you are looking for in stock, they will also do their best to find it for you.

McCarthy's service is completely free of charge to you, the buyer. The dealers on the call-a-car website also update their stock regularly, so chances are good that the listed cars will be in stock.

Call-a-car can also assist you in arranging finance for your new or used vehicle. They have their own finance company, McCarthy Finance, which will help you with your vehicle finance.

Another big plus for McCarthy is the fact that you can narrow your search to your own province to find local dealers and cars. Every car also has a full detailed listing including colour, mileage, extra features and such.

Have a look at the huge variety of cars available on the McCarthy Call-a-Car website.

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